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Report a Street Light Outage

  1. Instructions

    To report a streetlight or area light that is out or malfunctioning simply fill out and submit the following online form.

    Please have the following information:

    • Specific location (there is a number on each pole)
    • Details, like if the light is completely out or flickering

    You can complete the form below or call 919-553-1530. Repairs typically happen within a few business days, but may take longer depending on the cause of the problem. A light bulb is simple to replace, while underground wiring can take much longer. Thank you for reporting an outage and helping to keep the Town of Clayton out of the dark!

  2. This is a black and yellow number on the pole, i.e. AB12CD.

  3. Please provide the street address nearest to the light to be repaired, and any further detailed directions that may help our serviceman locate the correct lamp post during daylight hours. Please mention any landmarks you feel would be helpful.

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