Technical Review Committee (TRC) Meetings

The TRC is an internal agency comprised of staff members from each Town department, and is established for the purpose of performing technical evaluations of land development activities. The evaluation of projects are based on Town standards outlined by the Unified Development Code.

All applications submitted for development review are required to go before the Technical Review Committee (TRC) with the exception of a standard rezoning. Variance applications may be reviewed by the TRC as needed. When applicants receive comments from the TRC, they should be considered formal and binding to a project.

External TRC meetings with staff are no longer mandatory. Once the first set of comments have been received, applicants have the option to schedule a meeting to discuss these comments, and any other questions the applicant may have regarding the project. Please note the following: 

1. TRC meetings will be scheduled only upon applicant request on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 9am – 12pm. 

2. Meetings must be scheduled no later than one week in advance. Requests for a TRC meeting should only be made if the applicant has received at least one set of review comments from staff. 

3. TRC meetings will be held virtually however, if you only want to meet with one or two departments, an in-person meeting may be scheduled at Town Hall. Please indicate this on the scheduling form so that we may make accommodations as soon as possible.  

4. TRC Meetings can be requested using the Town's Online Acuity Scheduler.

Similar in structure to a Pre-Application meeting, the TRC Meeting would be attended by members from each Town department that reviewed the Site and Construction Plan. Although TRC meetings optional, they are beneficial in allowing staff and applicants to clarify any misunderstandings and/or pinpoint any major issues within the project. TRC meetings generally reduces the number of reviews that plans undergo. 

For more information regarding Technical Review Committee (TRC) Meetings, please contact a Development Services Coordinator. 

Elizabeth Worner - (919) 359-9390 -

Lori Bryant - (919) 359-9337 -