Special Event

Planning a special event of your own?

Community Events are a big part of the small town charm that Clayton has to offer and a great way to bring people together! If you or your organization is interested in hosting an event on public property (Downtown squares, roads, public parking lots, etc.) please read the information below and reach out: email Amy Shearin or call 919-553-5002.

A Special Event is any event, public or private, occurring on Town of Clayton property, they generally 
 require Town services and/or resources. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Road Races
  • Public gatherings, Neighborhood events 
  • Concerts, Festivals, Fundraisers

Town Square at the corner of Main St. and Fayetteville St is the most common location for Special Events, however it is not the only place that requires a Special Event Permit.

If you are interested in hosting an event on Private Property, please reach out to the Planning Department. 

The Special Event process does not apply to rental of The Clayton Center, nor does it generally apply to the rental or use of Town parks operated by the Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks and 
Recreation Department may require applicants to submit to the special event process if the proposed event is deemed to have significant impact on Town resources.

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Special Event Information